Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Miers, The Better Devil?

This Miers nomination really presents a quandry for me. First, I'm relieved that Miers' unproven positions on key issues leaves a chance for moderate-which could be swing- votes.

But...I worry about the institution itself if Miers really is the crony of mediocre talent she seems-and gushing sycophant comes to mind. A swing vote is one thing, simply being blown about by the most overwhelming wind is something else.

Lastly, I am selfishly concerned that as an alternative to Miers we would get a fire-tested, fire-breathing conservative.

I reflexively issued a sigh of relief when Bush announced Miers, and trusting that instinct, I still think she's the best (least bad) we can hope from from Bush.

And, yes, that's a sad thing.

*Disclosure: this is slightly edited from my comment at TPMCafe.


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