Monday, September 12, 2005

Katrina Timelines for Information and Perspective

I read a couple of interesting timelines today that really helped crystallize my frustration with government response to the Katrina disaster.

The first is a living document being edited under the direction of Josh Marshall at TalkingPointsMemo. It comes close to presenting just the facts, and has been updated pretty regularly. I do realize that something of a point of view can come through by just which facts are chosen for presenting, but there is a lot of good data to be gleaned from this effort.

The second is chock full of Evan Thomas perspective, but Newsweek lays out a pretty plausible, to me, sequence of how things went down from the administration's vantage point. Yeah, I know this is actually an article, but the timeline is embedded.
A NEWSWEEK reconstruction of the government's response to the storm shows how Bush's leadership style and the bureaucratic culture combined to produce a disaster within a disaster.
Check'em out.


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