Friday, September 09, 2005

Majority rules! Majority rules, na-ne na-ne na-na!

I remember in grade school when a class would win a free party for foisting the most overpriced chocolate bars on friends, neighbors, and relatives. The group would get a choice of say an ice cream party or a pizza party, and it would have to vote to decide between them.

Invariably losers of the vote would complain and winners would taunt them by chanting, "majority rules; majority rules!", over and over again. You would think most folks would outgrow such childish gloating. Apparently the majority party in Congress has not.

We should not have, nor should we allow, rulers in our democracy. The "tyranny of the majority" was something the founding Fathers were careful to guard against, and it is something to guard against today. Leaders we need. Leaders, even by the military definition, are those that can influence people in such a way that they willingly follow. Rulers say "The election's over willingness be damned."

Sadly, leaders are in short supply.


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