Monday, September 05, 2005

Katrina's Aftermath Exposes Priorities

I noticed a couple of things when I had more time yesterday to watch the talking pundit shows and continuting news coverage. I wanted to express my frustration about them but found that Lance Mannion had said it earlier and better than I could.

One thing I noticed was how blatantly the responsible authorities were shifting blame and avoiding accountibility, big surprise there, right.
Anyone saying that now is not the time to play politics, now is not the time to look for people to blame is either consciously or unconciously helping to shield politicians from responsibility for their failures. You can’t criticize a political leader without it being a political act. Tell me that no political leaders here deserve criticism.
The second point Larry made eloquently, just for me I'm sure, was:
The raving calls from Right Wing bloggers for shooting the looters on sight and worrying more about stolen television sets than about the people in the Superdown wading through their own shit to stand in line to get MREs for their hungry children—well, I don’t know how you can begin to qualify the moral failures of people who have no other morality but loyalty to George W. Bush.
Check out the rest of this insightful piece over at American Street.
The Emperor and his toadies have been without clothes from the beginning folks. Please, let's all keep our eyes open despite the reflex to cringe.


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