Thursday, February 24, 2005

John Paul II, Karma, and Blog Fixing

I'm scatter-shooting tonight in memory of Hunter S. Thompson. That's where the karma reference comes in. I read his son, Juan, saying his father considered himself "a road man for the lords of karma." He then said the reference was a little cryptic. Yeah, maybe, but rich and telling. More prose for thought which is the major part of HST's legacy to the world.

The Pope is gravely ill, again. I'm not Catholic, but in this Lenten Season the pontiff's condition gives me pause. See, I buy into the thinking that Lent is, on one level, a participation in Jesus' journey toward death. John Paul has proven nothing if not resilient, and he may bounce back yet again, but these ventures near the edge of mortality, at this particular time, certainly bring my focus back to the Passion.

I spent a lot of time restoring links today (see previous post), and have gotten my sidebar close to where I had it. I'm thinking I need a little more in the way of graphics, but for now I really want my focus on writing consistently. I speak of frequency not quality.

I have a family trip out of town this weekend, so we'll see what I get done in this space. Ciao, for now.


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