Monday, February 14, 2005

Baseball is Dead to Me

How many times do you have to be caught cheating in Major League Baseball before you're suspended for even a year? Three? Four?, and this is the new 'improved' policy.

Didn't Shoeless Joe Jackson get a lifetime ban just for admitting being involved with cheaters ---once??? Agreed old Kennesaw Mountain Landis (first commissioner of baseball) was one stern individual, but none of the more moderate commissioners since has seen fit to reinstate Shoeless Joe or any of his associates.

Folks, these are cheaters we're talking about. The Olympic honchos have it pretty much right. In the spirit of everyone deserving a second chance, a first-time bust is a two year suspension, and a subsequent offense gets life. I've stated here already I'm a practicing Christian, so I would personally forgive repeat offenders for being human. I would not, however, give them repeated opportunities to participate in anything purporting to be a fair competition.

Jose Canseco is catching a lot angry rhetoric for his hyped and probably exaggerated tale-telling, but the fact is his story wouldn't be getting any traction if there wasn't a whole lot of steroid abuse, aka cheating, going on in MLB.

Baseball has lost me. I was onced enthralled by its intangibles, but my interest barely survived the last strike. The homerun derby of '98 finished me off as a regular fan. Something about that many homeruns was definitely unreal to me.

Now it's just dead.

My faith calls me to believe in redemption, reconcilition, and yes even resurrection, but in the case of my interest in baseball it really will take a miracle.


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