Sunday, February 13, 2005

Lenten Discipline

That's really what this post is. An act of discipline. I'm pretty toasted from trying to learn my Web host's editing application, and trying to learn some FrontPage at the same time so I can manage my 'regular' site on my own PC instead. But, I didn't want to neglect the blog, as this site hasn't given me any problem(s).

Seriously, I think a daily post here will be part of my Lenten practice. I gave up coffee, too, though not caffeine. I've come to really value the self-examination, study, and reflection that's now a part of my life this time of year. I'm not worthy, though, to talk much about discipline, as at last count my spouse was giving up wheat, meat, sweets, and wearing pants (really, pants).

I've been observing Lent officially in one way or another for the last six years, since I was confirmed in the Episcopal Church. I really appreciate the way the Anglican tradition allows me to explore my spiritual nature without judging my advocacy as a progressive Democrat. That's not to say I'm totally happy with the institutional church in any of its iterations. The Democratic Party either for that matter!

Yes, I'm a Democrat and a professed, practicing Christian, but I'll have much more to say about that later I'm sure. Again, I'm basically just checking in today, so ...

Bye for now.


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