Thursday, November 17, 2005

Cheney and Bush Go Even More Negative

The darkest of pots are calling some kettles black. Bush and Cheney are calling critics of their use of pre-war intelligence liars and irresponsible.

What do they possibly hope to accomplish by going negative against politicians that are in agreement with a large majority of the American people? Maybe it's a campaign style snow job in the hope folks never dig out from the under the drifting piles of deceit, or just blasting the noise machine endlessly to numb the populace to any truth or reason?

Whatever it is, let's not buy it this time, please.

Josh Marshall is providing a place to document the lies of Darth Cheney and Gee Dubya. Most of us saw and heard the lies and exaggerations, and I pray we cannot be convinced to deny the history we witnessed with our own senses.


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