Tuesday, August 02, 2005

MLB, Palmeiro, Bush - Disgusting

The level of my disgust with Major League Baseball can only be explained by the depth of my former love of the game.

I once shattered a light fixture above my parents’ bed jumping for joy over a Henry Aaron grand slam. I’m still certain it was against the Astros even though the final score, and any significance of the game in the standings, is long forgotten. I really was a Braves’ fan “even through the rotten years”. I loved the game for all the poetic and intangible reasons Ken Burns and Bob Costas have spelled out for posterity.

Now it disgusts me. Not baseball, but the MLB brand of athletes, leagues, and owners all disgust me.

Rafael Palmeiro and his defense by no less than the President of the United States disgust me. Raffy is a cheat and Bush is a blindly loyal fool (proof of which this is only the latest example).



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