Monday, July 18, 2005

Rove et al Large and Small

I'm staying Corn fed on the gist of the Karl Rove lie fest. David sums up the least of what we know nicely.
...Rove, through his lawyer, has not told the truth, that the White House falsely denied he was involved, and that at least two of the most senior Bush White House aides (wittingly or not) shared with reporters classified information that disclosed an undercover CIA official and threatened operations conducted by the CIA's anti-WMD unit. At the end of the day, Fitzgerald may not be able to prove a crime, but his investigation has already produced evidence that incriminates White House officials as liars who certainly said more than they should have.

The bottom line there, of course, is just spelling out the latest symptoms. eRobin at Fact-esque provides a concise description of the disease.

"This is the crime for which BushCo should be going to jail - politicizing terrorism and using it as a wedge to divide the country."

Read her whole case. She makes a good one.


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