Thursday, July 14, 2005

Home Grown Terror a Shock?

Many Londoners are shocked that most or all the bombers who struck a week ago were British citizens.

Maybe that's a trait of Western democrats. I know I've felt the same way a number of times in the not too distant past.

I said earlier today in a comment to a post at The Moderate Voice (link above) that one price of the freedom we enjoy, and it really isn't free, is that willful acts of terror can sometimes occur. Waco, OKC, and the once spreading militia movement are home-grown examples that hit me hard in the past.

Unfortunately, the solution, as far as there is one, is not instantly gratifying. It takes vigilance, sure. It also takes education and equity in the political, social, economic, and even spiritual realms to promote peaceful co-existence. And still, there is no panacea, and someone sometime will exact the price again for some reason or no reason.


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