Thursday, June 30, 2005

Howard Dean and I are Getting Better

All Democrats, LISTEN UP! Get off Howard's back, and stay on his side. He is our Chairman, and, unless we want to switch to automatic weapons in our circular firing squad, we need to support him.

We all need to get better at expressing ourselves when angry, because we have reason to be angry a lot. We need to be productive in our anger, or we'll lose a lot of valuable time.

The Chairman was much improved on Hardball last night. Chris Matthews baited Howard pretty hard. "Come'on Governor, didn't the Veep sound like a wack-o with his over-the-top criticism." (not a direct quote, but exactly how it felt to me). Dean smiled knowingly, but didn't go after Cheney. I'll say it though, yeah, Chris, I agree with you. The Veep sounded exactly like the crazy fox he is.

Adam McKay covers our anger management problem really well over at the Huffington Post.
Seeing Dems descending on Dean for his comments was like seeing cops making fun of a mugging victim because he yelled "Help, Police!" in a weird high pitched voice. Dean didn't start a bogus war based on lies and Dean didn't dismantle the regulatory system and try and flood the courts with Nazis, uh...pardon me, fledgling fascists. So lay off! He'll get the hang of it.
I'm working on it, too, but I'm still human and still a Democrat ... but I repeat myself.


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