Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Obligatory Rove Post

The obligation is only to me, because I at least want to feel like I'm making noise about this.

I've been thinking about George Bush's famous loyalty in light of the roiling Rove row (there goes that obsessive alliteration again). With recent history to guide me, I'm guessing his loyalty to someone as close as Karl Rove is pretty much blind.

Randi Rhodes put what I was thinking into excellent metaphorical context for me. She was spot on hilarious in relating the Bush White House clan's in-house rules to those of the Mob. I would specify "B" movie grade Mob rules.

Bush probably feels some kind of macho pride in standing by his "guys". He may not think beyond this juvenile code to realize he is putting his clanship above the truth, and more importantly above his word to all of us.


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