Friday, June 24, 2005

Bush, Al-Jaafari Let Truth Slip

I'm guessing I heard a couple of things in the Bush al-Jaafari presser today that won't make it to the evening news. Both men let slip more of the grimness of the situation in Iraq than the overall talking points optimism of the event probably intended.

Al-Jaafari thanked Americans for standing with Iraq during these "terrible times". Not those terrible times, these. That was telling to me regarding what the Prime Minister really thinks of the present state of security in Iraq.

For Bush's part, when he was asked to reconcile Dick Cheney's assertion that the insurgency was in its "last throes" with General Abizaid's report to Congress that the insurgency was growing faster, and was no weaker, than six months ago Bush rambled on about the willingness of insurgents to die for their cause and how hard it was to stop them. Without saying he agreed with Abizaid, his response convinced me that he did.

Generally he was his indirect and inarticulate self. I'm curious to see how the MSM portrays his performance.


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