Saturday, June 25, 2005

Karl Rove Can Keep His Apology

If Karl Rove apologized, it would not be sincere, so he can keep it. I believe Senator Durbin was sorry for any offense he may have given our American servicemembers, and he expensed his remorse emotionally when he apologized on the floor or the Senate.

Any emotion coming from Karl Rove would seem pure artifice to me because I've never seen him express anything I would call genuine feeling.

If his words had not been so divisive, I even be glad he was openly showing his true colors. I can't express those colors as well as James Wolcott, though I have had similar thoughts, so here's a taste of his take on Rove's desperation.
What amazes me is that more Americans now blame Bush for provoking the war with Iraq than blame Saddam Hussein. That's not an argument I've heard anyone make on cable talk or on the op-ed pages. Somehow Americans drew that conclusion all on their own! The tide of popular opinion turning against the war is washing away walls we didn't even know were there.
But, read the whole piece. It's a good one.


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