Monday, May 30, 2005

Memorial Day and Politics

I told myself last night I should try and remain totally apolitical if I decided to post today, Memorial Day. I had hardly begun to browse my RSS feeds when I knew I couldn't do it, at least not totally.

My faith in the moral fiber of my government was shaken by the decision to go to war in Iraq - shaken not lost. My remaining hope is that the hawks have learned lessons their pride won't let them confess. So, I have to at least acknowlege my feelings about this war even in the context of memorializing real heroes.

I think in modern times war is always avoidable. It cannot always be avoided since no one party to a conflict holds all the power to desist. We can,though, set the threshold of necessity much higher than we did before invading Iraq. That is the least and the most we can do for those who have fallen in defense.

Working to insure as few Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines as possible give their lives in service to us is to do them the greatest honor possible.

For those who have already died while "following the lawful (sic) orders of those appointed over them", I love you; I bless you; you are deserving of all honor and glory in our memory.


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