Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Newsweek and the Corp-of-Hypocrites

Newsweek is being rightfully pounded for getting a 'gotcha' story wrong. It deserves to be lambasted by nearly everyone with a concern for media issues and the ongoing unrest in occup...er...um...liberated Afganistan and Iraq.

But the hypocrisy of the administration hacks jumping into the fray, is too, too much. I had begun to believe that Condi, Rummy, Scotty and the crew were without shame. Now the proof is everywhere. They are casting stones at Newsweek when their sins of the same flavor are so much grander in scale as to dwarf the harm any mere media outlet could cause.

Keeping their mouth shut would gotten me on their side for a change. Accurate or not, obviously the Newsweek piece was not properly sourced and I, and importantly even more of the blogosphere, would be angry just at them.

Instead I'm amazed, yet again, at the chutzpah of the Bush corp-of-hypocrites and furious at their hubris.


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