Monday, May 16, 2005

Jesus and Liberal Christians

I have struggled a while at living with my liberal politics and trying to behave in a christian manner towards the fundamentalists on the right. See I too am a Christian, but tolerance, peace, and social justice are the dominate values I have learned from Jesus. I often feel at a disadvantage when my principles come under attack by idealogues evangelizing religion and politics under the banner of Christ.

Jeff Jarvis, too, feels it's time to stand up be counted. But he, also, seems to be at a loss as to exactly how to proceed. Toe-to-toe, chapter-and-verse would be a fun way to proceed, but I'm not sure what it would produce. Read The Reformation, continued for his interesting statement of our dilema.

I am seriously searching for a productive way to make standing up for liberals of faith my mission or ministry if you will. It really is important to me. How important? Well, I'll just say that I wish I found Randy Reynolds' parody of Candidate Jesus a lot more funny and a lot less chilling.


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