Sunday, May 29, 2005

War Crimes and Our Job-Scared Media

"Well, sure it's a war crime...but this is just rehashing old news". At least that's the perception Attaturk over at Eschaton gets from the MSM about the mounting evidence of the American/British conspiracy to promote war in Iraq.

On the heels of "memo-gate", which gained little American media traction in the leadup to the recent British elections, this latest piece of news makes the case for conspiracy seem a whole lot more solid than the joint U.S./British case for Iraqi WMD.

It looks like the BushCo repression of the media is reaching new levels of effectiveness. I still believe the majority of the American press possess personally progressive views. But they, like all of us, have to make a living.

There appear to be few remaining in the established press willing to risk career suicide by pointing out the blatant manipulation employed to take us to war.


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