Friday, May 06, 2005

Evangelicals and Militant Secularists

Yesterday was National Prayer Day -- and Cinco de Mayo -- and Holocaust remembrance Day -- but I digress from my digression.

MSNBC's Connected presented both the inclusive and exclusive (Christian) perspective on the prayer observance. What stood out to me was once again an evangelical Christian defended exclusion by stating he was "not ashamed". Huh...?

I hear the same excuse -- it can't be a reason, right? heaven forbids reason -- for allowing evangelical influence in government. Christians are not ashamed. Okay...? Your point, please.

What David Brooks calls militant secularists are not much better. Militants of both extremes remind me of amateur method actors. They seem so insecure about their positions (performances) they're constantly compelled to describe their motivation.

"Mixing religion and government is dangerous. It's frightening!"

"I am not ashamed of Jesus!"

Just tell me what you believe, then lay out your facts. Discuss the feelings behind it with your theatrics coach.


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