Wednesday, March 16, 2005

What About "We the People..."

Sometimes I think we spend so much time arguing about what was just said we forget what was said at the outset.

The outset of our constitutional government in this case. While our Rebublican brothers are wondering in a very Libertarian manner " What's wrong with everyman-for-himself?"; the founders had a more common sentiment in mind.

One of the few stated purposes of creating this great state was to "promote the general welfare". Granted this has always been held in tension with its companion purpose to "secure the blessings of liberty". Never in my lifetime have these noble motives seemed more mutually exclusive than in current conservative rhetoric. Unless you consider current conservative political action.

The government was always intended to promote the general welfare. It was clearly not the framers wish to leave portions of society either to fend for themselves or to rely on the kindness of the well-to-do.

We need to leave the jungle to its laws and the allow the U.S. government to pursue the purposes of its constitution. This absolutely includes the welfare of all its citizens.


At 3:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The three houses of government only have the powers granted to them specifically by the constitution. Read IT! Our founding fathers never intended to have the socialist state most in the socialist (democrats)part want. Any power that is not specifically given to the federal government go down to the state, then local level where is should be. If you wish to make a socialist society, run for Mayor or City Council do it in our own city with your own money. Just take a look at the great socialist societies. Oh, I forgot, there are none. Socialism is just a stepping stone to communism. Neither are not acceptable. The Dems need to start working to make government better and come up with some ideas instead of just being a party of obstructionist.

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