Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Ratzinger Rants

The papal conclave opened with a conservative rant worthy of the best American wingnut! What Cardinal Ratzinger of Germany said to rally the conservative "princes" send a chill through my more inclusive Christian heart.

In decribing what he calls a "dictatorship of relativism", he seems to indicate anyone, like me, who doesn't share his brand of absolute Truth is selfishly self-centered by definition.

This thinking seems to come from the same siege mentality that led Church leaders, John-Paul II included, to deny, hide, and cover up sexual abuse by U. S. priests to the everlasting detriment of the institution.

I use my God-given judgment to discern degrees of good, evil, right, and wrong in the procession of life's events that meet me daily. I try to look past my personal immediate gratification in seeking to do the next right thing. I think this makes my theology more personal but not necessarily more selfish.

The world has enough lines in the sand. I don't believe Christ would have true disciples out drawing more.


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