Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Chris Matthews, the Poor Persecuted Zealot

Chris Matthews said on Hardball tonight, in agreement with Tony Perkins, that he believes there is a campaign against religion in this country.

Excuse me. The religious fundamentalists in this country have attacked our science and our secular government. They are introducing bigotry and intolerance into our social fabric and our legal framework.

When people of reason stand up or complain, then the oppressors scream: "Our religion is under attack!" I say it is their bigotry and intolerance that are rightfully being defended against.

Theirs is a cry from fanatics desperate to rally their base by claiming a bogus status as victims.

The claim is ten pounds of bullshit in a five-pound bag.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

My Current Hero

Russ Feingold speaks for a lot of people in this country. Especially we Democrats that don't carry a pantload of political cover around with us.

His call for censure of the President was a dead-on position in light of the aimless N.S.A. hearings and virtually non-existent investigation. I am a member of the opposition party in this country, and I will proudly stand with Senator Feingold in opposition to illegal wiretapping.

Check out an excellent discussion here of what it's all about.