Tuesday, April 04, 2006

No Longer Boss, DeLay Quits!

I've heard he quit to 'save the majority' for Republicans in the House. Former Congresswoman Susan Molinari just insisted on Hardball that there is no other reason.

I've heard he's worried about pending charges in Texas.

I've heard he's worried about the spillover from criminal operations run from his Congressional office.

I've heard he saw a tough re-election campaign ahead with no certainty of winning.

What I haven't heard is why I think he quit. He is not in charge anymore. Plain and simple, DeLay cannot stand seeing someone else in his leadership post with no immediate prospect of returning to power. That's why he won't finish out his term and retire.

He's just going to take his ball go somewhere to try and be in charge of something.

Poor wittle Tommy...sniff...sniff.


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