Tuesday, August 09, 2005

White House Indicates Americans Hysterical

Dan Bartlett responded to David Gregory's question (Hardball) about two-thirds of Americans thinking the Iraq war/insurgency/struggle had made us less safe more directly than I expected.

Instead of misdirecting to the usual global war/insurgency/struggle talking points, Dan insisted, twice, that Americans merely found the recent spike in Americans killed in Iraq unsettling. Unsettling, unsettling...let me think...oh-oh-oh, I get it now. We're hysterical!

As a group, over sixty percent of the American population is unsettled by some kind of temporary misfortune mistaking their moodiness as actual bad news. He went on to insist the President had repeatedly explained in Social-Security-crisis detail just how well things were really going over there.

David! Oh my Gawd! How can you let it pass and sleep? Really.


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