Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Rumsfeld and Cheney are Losing the War

Cheney and Rumsfeld do a good job of defining the administration's high ground on Gitmo. It seems to be that denying due process to a majority is okay if you catch some "bad guys" in the minority.

It jibes pretty well with the history of their might-makes-right regime. Put simply,if anything positive can be rationalized in the end; then, of course, the means were justified. They don't want to be that way you understand, but the unconventional nature of the enemy requires it.

I still insist that the extent to which we lower our moral, ethical, and legal standards in response to this enemy, is the extent to which they are victorious. The same is true of the extent to which we act out of our of fear and anger. We lose our moral position in the eyes of each other and the world. Bush and company don't seem to understand how that costs us the PR battle, and how that, in terms of terrorist recruitment alone, can cost us this "war".

Don't get me started on how this attitude contributes to the loss of our national moral clarity! (I like that phrase, moral clarity, so I kind of forced it in here)


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