Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Morbidity About Steroids in Baseball

Morbid because I've previously declared the sport deceased to my interest. Ah...but the scandal, the scandal has a hold on me I guess.

You see I was just innocently doing my treadmill work when Buster Olney of ESPN came on the screen in the gym. He was talking about a new piece exposing baseball management awareness of steroid cheating. Seems Kevin Towers, Padres' GM, 'fessed up to knowing about Caminiti being on the juice.

Anyway, they got my dander up by clarifying that Caminiti didn't use steroids to bulk up for dingers. No, he just wanted the 'recovery' benefit to stay in the lineup.

Hello...cheating by another name guys? I mean that's even worse, right? If I'm not mistaken you can't even hit a single if you're not in the lineup. That means everything he ever did in a game he wouldn't have played without the 'roids he did by cheating.

So now I gotta check out espn.com and I stumble onto Ray Ratto holding forth on what MLB as an institution needs to admit in order to really come clean. It's a good commentary well worth checking out. I also liked the wordsmithing of "...fueled by the lie and lubricated by the implausible denial." I see me quoting that often.

Way to turn a phrase, Ray, and amen. But...it ain't gonna happen.


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