Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The Irony Never Ends

I'm noting a couple of quotes from the Bush presser yesterday out-of-context (provided here) because in real-time they hit me right in the ironic bone.

1) When asked about his seeming excercise of unchecked power;

'To say "unchecked power" basically is ascribing some kind of dictatorial position to the President, which I strongly reject.'

He pointed his finger as he said this with peevish (dictatorial?) authority.

2) When asked about skipping the safequards of the courts when seeking wiretaps;

"I swore to uphold the laws. Do I have the legal authority to do this? And the answer is, absolutely."(emph. added)

A beautifully Freudian choice of word is it not?

This guy could put satire writers out of business. Why make anything up?


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